About Essential Sky

It all started with magnetic poetry, well the name at least, anyway. You see, I’ve been creating all my life. Stained glass, jewelry making, drawing, writing, I have and will always create something. so, after giving at least 2 of everything I ever created to my family and friends, I decided to start selling. They were, after all, running out of shelf space. So, sell I did. But, my business name eluded me, until that one day that started out like any other teaching day. 

Putting my lunch in the refrigerator, two little magnetic words “essential” and “sky” grabbed me.  Sure, I’d seen the worded magnets on the teacher’s lounge fridge everyday for the better part of a school year. But, on that day, I was searching for a name to call my own — a business name that would be unlike all the others out there. Something that said me. And, there they were, Essential Sky. It’s like they glowed! Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but, they were, like, a neon sign flashing at me. Essential Sky. It just made sense. After all, our sky is essential, creating is essential, writing is essential, and much later marketing would be essential to me. 

So there you have it. Essential Sky was born, and I have been creating under that name ever sense. 

Kathy DeGlandon – Content Marketer

I started out my career as an English and technology teacher. I was the guide-on-the-side to 3rd -11th grade students, and during that time, I learned as much as I taught. As writers, children are fearless when it comes to trying out something new. So, we learned together, and I honed my writing, grammar, revising, and editing skills with them.

When my teaching journey ended, I embarked on my second career. Marketing meshed the two things I’m passionate about, writing and technology. At first, I started as an SEO, then an inbound marketer, and now I’m a content/SEO/inbound marketer.  The name may have changed, but the purpose is still the same. Write content that speaks to the reader so that they will convert.

I have worked for agencies and companies: local, national, and international. Each and every day, I learn something new about marketing. I’m a voracious reader and consume content like people eat a good meal. So much so, that my husband calls me his  “wisdom tree.” And, that’s what keeps me going everyday, learning. My biggest I-get-to each day is I get to learn something new that will challenge me. 

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